A simple and effective solution to a recurring problem

The concept is as simple as it is effective: By using strong metal supports, aluminum sheets and a membrane, a robust flood barrier can be erected within a few hours and a small workforce can save an entire town from being flooded.

Our Products

Geodesign Barriers offer a complete solution to flooding and damming with three different barrier types, ranging in dam height from 45 centimeters up to 2.4 meters. The wide variety of products lets us tailor the solution to best fit your needs and budget. Adjustable sections, corners, crates and pumps enable unique solutions to unique sites.

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Show Cases

In 1999, the massive floods in Cologne, Germany, sparked the notion that there existed a cost effective alternative to hauling sand bags and digging ditches. Geodesign Barriers have since then been used to fight floods over 100 times in 20 countries. More than 50 kilometers of barriers have been sold and more are waiting to be used.

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Features & Benefits

A quick response, firm action and a flexible system are keys to successful flood fighting. Nature’s course is un-predictable and floods rarely develop at slow pace within pre-planned areas. Instead, the ability to act timely and counter with extensions, turns and connections is crucial to keep the water on the right side of the barriers.

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